If you love sport and you love betting, you’ll know that Sportsbook is the place where punters place their stakes…

…and wait to see what the roll of the green, the whims of the ref, the accuracy of the striker or, er, the decisions of the Papal election cardinals will bring.

Working in the Sports team is a sport-lover’s dream: at the heart of the action.

What we do

To keep our Sportsbook at the top table of international sports betting, we do… a lot. In fact, it needs the whole team to be working like one of those smoothly oiled machines (think F1 car, please, not lawnmower). The Product team guarantees that we are at the forefront of technological advances; the Marketing team promotes the product in a variety of sharp-witted, mischief-strewing ways on social pages, award-winning blogs, and in our emails and website; and the Commercial team highlights potential opportunities and threats across the competitive market, whilst maintaining the smooth running of all things operational.

Our 30ish-strong team is made up of the best product, marketing and commercial minds, all devoted to ensuring that the customer has access to the widest range of markets, at the best prices, in the fastest and most intuitive way. Sound good to you? Then read on…

Mobile has caught up with desktop as a way to bet on sports, so we now have one product team focusing on delivering new product across all platforms. 

These are the brainy ladies and gentlemen who ensure that Sports stays at the competitive edge – and runs smoothly. Within Commercial, we have two departments:


A 7-day-a-week team that keeps the whole show on the road, setting up offers, making changes to the app/website, and trouble-shooting all sorts technical gremlins when they arise.

Analysis and Planning

In such a competitive market place it is important to track opportunities, threats and performance. These guys allow us to know when we are the strongest in the market, and when a competitor is doing something good that we are not. They also help to set the targets that the team as a whole work to smash.