What’s the biggest, most time-critical, most brain-wracking and potentially most omg-expensive activity a bookmaker can do?

Dealing with risk, that’s what; and the brains behind the right price for the next horse race, football match, managerial sacking or Papal election work right here in the Risk team, alongside the super bright boys and girls working out the upside and downside of every strategic conundrum they can think of (and they can think of plenty).

What we do

Paddy Power is a numbers-driven company, and we operate in an industry where the accuracy of our figures has a direct impact on the bottom line. In the Risk team, we get to harness the power of large data sets, marry them to our own intellectual curiosity, cutting-edge analytics and highly-developed modeling skills, and produce accurate, insightful and actionable output. We listen to customer research, check profitability modelling, and chew up behavioural analytics and market/competitor analysis. And we use our numerical and technical skills to tackle the difficult problems head on: setting odds, on one hand, and strategic questions on the other. “How is the market place evolving (and how is that affecting Paddy Power)?”; “What is the optimal strategy for interacting with our customers?”; “What role does price perception have in incentivising customers to transact?” – those kind of questions are our bread and butter.

If you’re still reading, and you like the sound of what you’ve read, here’s something else to consider: our answers to these and other questions will go straight in front of senior management and will directly affect the strategy of one of the world’s leading bookmakers.

If you came to join us in Risk, you could end up working in any of the following teams. 

To ensure we deliver best results, we’ve invested in the best Trading Room in the industry renowned as the benchmark in our industry. The Trading Room provides live price feeds and risk management expertise to some of the largest gaming operators in the world, relying heavily on expert sports and racing traders as well as the ability to harness high volumes of data using real-time trading applications. It is a high-pressure trading environment in which Paddy Power traders make mission-critical decisions.

We combine talented people, cutting edge bespoke software, and unparalleled quantitative trading techniques, so we can offer B2C and B2B customers an unequalled breadth of pricing, product and risk management systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If it sounds glamorous and cutting edge, that’s because it is (cutting edge, anyway). 

So you think you can beat the odds…well why not join the brains behind the bookies! As our business grows, Paddy Power is looking to increase our use of analytics, quantitative analysis and modelling to meet customer and new product requirements. Our Risk Analytics Unit plays a key role in providing this analytical competence, with particular emphasis on supporting our Sports and Racing traders and risk managers.

In this role you will operate as an internal consultant across Paddy Power’s best in class Risk Analytics, Racing and Sports operations with scope extending to retail, online, marketing, and financial performance. You will play a key role in research, modelling, analysis and communication of results in these areas to the Racing and Sports team and to senior management.

We like pretty much any sport going – so we like to offer our customers odds on the outcomes. And, worldwide, there’s a lot of sport out there…

Our Sports team operates close to 24 hours a day, covering 72 sports ranging from football, golf, and rugby, to athletics, UFC, or water polo. We set the prices, monitor our liabilities, change the prices, and react to breaking news. Our betting in running team cover live events, as they happen – at the moment they cover approximately 8,000 football and tennis matches every month. Our sports risk team are responsible for monitoring and clearing bets from customers, along with monitoring the daily company liability in all events and markets …just to ensure Power Tower is always safe!

Four legs, good; two legs…. well, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The original and, they’d probably say, still the best, the Racing team are responsible for the odds compilation, trading, and risk management of our horseracing and greyhound coverage, which accounts for 80% of turnover in our betting shops and 50% of the sportsbook turnover on mobile, the internet, and telephones.

We price up all UK and Irish horseracing, and create the most extensive product offering in the industry with our Betting Without, Place Betting, Insurebet and Match Betting products. We offer Antepost prices on all of the major Open Race greyhound competitions in Ireland and the UK, while our in-house expert also gives daily analysis over our audio channels to punters in our shops. Bookmakers have been taking bets on the dogs and the horses since Adam was a boy – but Paddy Power still finds ways to innovate.