Product and Technology

Welcome – you have now arrived at the cutting edge (watch yourself there…).

We’re the people who are taking Paddy Power into the future, and if you’re thinking we must be extremely creative, technically talented, cool under pressure and good-looking, then you could be just the kind of nail-on-the-head hitter that we’re looking for.

What we do

We solve stuff. That’s right – we take the most complex technological challenges facing the retail, B2B, B2C and e-commerce divisions of Paddy Power, and we sort them out. If solving the challenge requires us to invent something, we go ahead  design, then invent it. What’s more, we also support a global network of retail outlets, high volume real-time trading applications and mission critical websites, selling live price feeds into some of the largest gaming operators in the world. The rest of the time? We hang out.

The CPO function, comprising of Product and Technology, is made up of over 450 clever people working in Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria and the UK. If you fancy working with us (let’s face it, who wouldn’t), then read on…

CPO is divided up into three main functions which cover the lifecycle of a product from concept, to creation, to delivery. We ensure our products and offerings are the best in the market place and allow our customers to interact and engage with us to ensure we’re always ahead of the curve in giving them what they want.

Paddy Power’s vision of entertainment for customers is a great (and valuable) thing. We reflect it – and we protect it – by designing, engineering, and operating the products and technology that make gaming entertainment a reality for millions.

We love data and insights, we write code in PHP, Java and .Net and, are on the cutting edge when it comes to delivery, using Agile practices like Scrum, DevOps and Kanban. We provide mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (all major browsers) software and websites. Our offerings are supported by the same software development practices deployed in a private cloud that runs on the latest virtualisation tools from VMware, all run on an ISP grade Cisco network backbone.

We are constantly innovating and suggesting new ways of making our products faster, more reliable and more attractive to our customers. We’re a creative bunch and we are given licence to use that creativity. If you have a killer idea here, you can get to see it through.

Still reading? Are you following this? Good. You may have potential. Let’s go on…

We do it all 24x7x365 (y’know) from our NOC, right up to our senior managers. We stay up when others have folded. We deliver helpdesk, operations/development, engineering, and information security. We also have some pretty darn good sports and social events… Have we got your attention yet

We didn’t get to where we are as a brand by being locked in a dark room. We talk to everyone in the business, from the guys who come up with great new ideas for marketing, to the hardened boffins who crunch our customer data. Collaboration between our teams means Paddy Power is always one step ahead of the pack.

And we reach across the globe! We have development, operations and support teams in Dublin, Rome, London, Sofia and Melbourne. We offer great variety to, and expect plenty of flexibility from, our people. All roles are open to everyone.  

So if you are looking for a place where you’ll be challenged, be allowed to be creative, and where you can make a difference, please apply.