Marketing and Analytics

Want work that’s exciting, fast-moving, reactive, impactful, global, local, poignant, glamorous, extremely arousing and terrifically important?

If you’ve answered yes, and Brand is your thing, then take a sneaky look at Paddy’s Marketing team. Our distinctive brand and the messages we send have been and always will be driving forces behind the success of Paddy Power (cue trumpets…).

If you’re more into the numbers and find that data, maths & statistical modelling is more likely to get your blood racing* then maybe you should look at one of our Analytics functions…

* If this actually happens, then maybe call a doctor


What we do


Brand Marketing

Our Brand Marketing team have the job of making sure you’ve heard of Paddy Power, and that you know what kind of business we are. If you haven’t, then we’ve both got a lot of hard soul-searching to do, but for now let’s hope we’ve done our job right and that you know that Paddy Power is a bit… different.

We’re a bookmaker that has never been afraid to ruffle feathers in making betting and gaming entertaining – and whatever the other parts of the business may tell you, we in the Brand and Online Marketing teams are the elite forces in the front line of that struggle against convention. Think you could find your way to getting involved with things like this, or this? Fancy spending your working day thinking up stuff like this? Then click below…



Just because we like to have a bit of fun in what we do, don’t be fooled by the fluffy exterior. Beneath the surface Paddy Power is a numbers-driven company. We work in an industry underpinned by risk and probability and use a wide range of numerical methods every day to plan our marketing spend, assess our performance & beat the competition.

Our Customer Intelligence Team (CIT) plays a key role in providing analytical expertise across the Online Division. Within this centralised team, we analyse web traffic, promotional spend, betting patterns, online marketing and customer sentiment. We shine a light in to the dark corners of Ireland’s most successful home-grown eCommerce business. If you go to bed every night thinking about graphs, equations and trend-lines, and want to put this passion to good use, then think about a job in CIT.

What you already know about Paddy Power almost certainly came from us. Great, wasn’t it? Or do you think you could improve it…

Our Brand team develop all of the mainstream media and PR communication that is seen by customers. Put simply, whether TV adverts or outdoor posters, digital advertising or PR, and general mischief, the Brand team have got their fingerprints all over it. One day we might be developing campaigns for big sporting events such as the World Cup and Cheltenham; on another, launching a marketing campaign to bring Bingo into the lives of millions. We have, love, and openly talk about our mischief department (yep, it does what it says); and we have well over 1 million fans following us daily on social media.

In 2013, we won 40 awards for our marketing, frequently being shortlisted in the company of brands such as Nike, O2, John Lewis and Adidas, and often coming out on top. The fact that we’ve been voted Britain’s most admired company for marketing, won The Marketing Society’s campaign of the year and been voted one of the top 10 brands to follow on twitter (go on, have a look at @paddypower!) to name a few, suggests we must be doing the odd thing right. And there’s plenty more to come.

We’re in charge of online marketing across and

And there are a number of parts to our department (which is why we’re a group).

Online Acquisition

The Customer Acquisition team brings in new customers – lots of them. We use a data-driven approach to marketing and we work in all our online businesses, including Sportsbook, Casino, Games, Bingo, and Poker for the UK, Ireland, and Italy. The team has expanded rapidly over the last two years and is split across four core areas: planning and commercials; PPC (pay-per-click); partnerships/affiliates; and display and social media. The team is commercially strong, technologically aware, and contributes significantly to the growth of the business.

Customer Marketing

These lovely people handle customer relationships, customer loyalty, and brand value through marketing strategies and activities. They allow the business to develop long-term relationships with established and new customers. Whereas brand is the sexy side of marketing, these guys are obsessed with numbers and results, constantly looking to ‘drive KPIs’ and ‘stretch the ROI’.

Social Media

These friendly guys are about more than just funny posts, tweets, likes and shares. While they do produce a continuous flow of humorous content, everything they do is rooted in key metrics and helps to push the overall brand values and performance.


Highly-skilled content-wizards, their job is to ensure that once someone is onsite, they can find the bet they want as quickly and easily as possible. They also highlight promotions and offers to relevant customers as clearly as possible.


Sharp-witted, sometimes sharp-tongued, the editorial team are the geniuses behind some of our best content – and they are the commanders of the blog, which is kept up to date with entertaining yet informative content for our customers. 

Business Analytics Team the analytical heartbeat of Paddy Power Online

Business Analytics team: the analytical heartbeat of Paddy Power Online

Within Paddy Power the Business Analytics Team (BAT) plays a key role in providing analytical expertise across the Online Division. This multi-discipline analytical team comprises five areas of focus as illustrated in the graphic below. Through the alignment of these five disciplines, BAT focuses on providing deep analytics, insight & predictive modelling support to all our stakeholders. We are also frequently called on to support the Online perspective on initiatives that span the wider Group.

As a team we are focused on harnessing the power of large data sets, married to our own intellectual curiosity, cutting-edge analytics & highly-developed modelling skills to produce accurate, insightful and actionable output. Our output needs to be of the highest quality, will regularly be presented to Senior Management and will have a direct impact on Online strategy. It must be intelligently compiled, robust, defensible & numbers-based. As a centralised analytical team our reputation will be built on our ability to use numerical methods to answer the wide range of difficult, but high-impact, questions posed by our internal customers.



IN-life analytics

Our In-Life team provide best-in-class, timely and business-focussed insights derived from the observed behaviours of our two million Online customers. If you want to know how our customers responded to our latest Premier League promotion, or you’re curious about the cross-over between our casino products and in-play football betting, just ask these guys.

Acquisition analytics

Our Acquisition team deliver high-quality analytics derived from the behaviours of prospective and newly-acquired Online customers. If you find yourself lying awake at night wondering about the effectiveness of Paddy Power’s online marketing spend, or you just can’t decide which of Paddy Power’s partner sites provide us with the best return-on-investment, chances are you want to get to know our Acquisition Analytics team. 

Web analytics

Ever wonder if anyone is analysing the browsing behaviours of Paddy Power’s desktop, tablet and mobile visitors? Well here’s the answer. Our Web Analytics team provide answers to a host of questions that are at the core of running a profitable Online business: Is our registration form working effectively and, if not, what can we do to help? Which of our carousels are most frequently used on tablet devices? This team work daily with our developers to help make the browsing experience more enjoyable for our customers.

Strategic MI

Act as the owner for reports, dashboards and management information across the entire Online organisation: Identify key stakeholders & collate list of business requirements, design a suite of well structured, easy-to-use, automated, accurate, timely reports and dashboards, implement scalable enterprise toolset that is fit for purpose. Being also the first person in the business to spot business trends as answer questions like “how is ‘in-play’ trending since the start of the season?”

Competitor Intelligence

Create automated solutions that capture competitor activity, performance, marketing and innovations on an ongoing basis, monitoring competitor behaviour, and becoming expert in our competitors go-to-market strategy and thinking across all domains, including: promotion strategy, price strategy, product strategy, financial performance (through team projects or reviewing and challenging info other teams have generated)

Why join the customer intelligence team?

The following outlines some of the core benefits of joining BAT:

  1. Online Experience – As Ireland’s largest & most successful home-grown e-Commerce company, we are known for our energy, innovation & competitive edge. We were the first bookmaker in the world with iPhone and iPad apps and have continually lead the way, both in our industry and beyond, in the Online space. Here in BAT, you’ll be at the analytical cutting-edge of the Online Division, and will have the opportunity to put your own stamp on the future of a truly Irish success story.
  2. Problem Solving – You will be given the opportunity to develop your problem solving skills and will be afforded the opportunity and support to use them to make an impact on the business.
  3. Training and Guidance – In Paddy Power we offer on-the-job as well as formal training sessions where you will be given the opportunity to develop both technical and soft-skills. Combining this programme with regular peer-to-peer, stakeholder and manager feedback sessions, your personal and professional development is in good hands.
  4. Career Progression – As an analytical team at the heart of the Online Division, you will learn deep data-handling skills, critical thinking and problem solving. From BAT, you will also gain exposure to all areas of the Online business in Paddy Power. Whether you choose to stay with BAT long-term, in order to specialise in analytics, or want to move in to another role in Paddy Power in time, a start in BAT will equip you with the key skills necessary to build a successful career.
  5. Rotation – Each analyst within BAT may be given the opportunity to spend time working across our five sub-teams. During your time in BAT you can gain direct exposure to two or more of: Web Analytics, Predictive Modelling, In-Life, Management Intelligence or Acquisition Analytics. This wide range of experiences will equip you with a valuable perspective when asked to solve difficult problems down the line.
  6. Fun – Paddy Power is known for its fun atmosphere and regular mischief making, and we’re no different. As a close-knit team, BAT has a strong team-spirit and have regular social outings ranging from sports days, to treasure hunts & regular nights out.