Customer Operations

Customer Operations

The adverts are funny, aren’t they? And the ambushes are great (what about that one with the footballer’s pants…)

But do a few humorous stunts on their own keep a customer loyal to Paddy Power?

Here in customer operations, we think not... or not completely. We know that punters like Paddy Power because they’re having a good customer experience, and that experience is underpinned by an excellent service. And since Paddy Power as a business has put entertaining customers at the heart of its strategy – well, it’s clear that customer services are a vital part of Paddy Power’s success.

What we do

The team’s called ‘customer operations’ so it’s obvious what we do, isn’t it? Yes, and no… Of course, the ultimate end of everyone in the team is ensuring that customers get the best service we can give them. Many in the team are in direct contact with customers on a daily basis – online chat is now our most popular form of contact, and customers can make an appointment for us to call them, or email us without needing to log into their email account. Many customers also speak directly with our operators to use our Dial-a-bet service.

But we also keep a watchful eye over the internet to ensure customers can bet effectively and safely. Millions of Euros move in out of Paddy Power accounts every day and it’s our responsibility to make sure any customer who wants to transact on can do so. At the same time, we’re on the look out to ensure stays free of fraud, helped by some of the most cutting edge anti-fraud technology.

In our role, we get a great insight into the business and how it operates, and we have the pleasure of dealing with customers on behalf of a business that puts customers first. If that sounds good to you, please read on...

Dial-a-Bet is our telephone betting operation that helps customers place bets over the phone. Dial-a-bet’s success is based on simple principles – people like the convenience and speed of telephone or text betting, and they know that Paddy Power offers value and fairness. Our operators are well trained and highly motivated, and we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology, so that we can deliver a fun, fair and friendly service with discretion.

Every customer’s online journey starts here: the Customer Account team is responsible for managing some key interaction areas of the website such as the registration funnel, login functionality, and various areas within My Account Lobby

Ever tried to place a bet and missed out because you didn’t get your money in on time? Paddy Power process millions of online payments every year, and we pride ourselves on having an industry-leading payment infrastructure and a customer-centred selection of payment options so that our customers don’t miss out. 

The Customer Security team is Paddy Power’s first defence against fraud, money laundering, account take over, and bonus abuse. The team uses innovative tools and systems to detect, analyse and mitigate financial loss. Our customers can bet safely because the Customer Security team are there to protect their account.

The Customer Support Team provides support and assistance for all online customers, across phone, chat, email and social media.  The team answers more than 1.5 million customer contacts per year, and strives to maintain an unbeatable level of care in each contact.

The Operational Excellence team provides support to the customer-facing teams in making the best use of process and technology

Responsible Gaming is of paramount importance to us in Paddy Power. Creating an environment where our customers are educated and supported so that they can avoid developing problems with their gambling means that customers can continue to enjoy our services and ensure we are the operator of choice in our market.