Business Support

Business Support

While the mischief marketeers are ‘busy’ going to awards parties, someone has to be in the office doing the real work

That someone is us – business support, Paddy’s backbone, the structure around which everything else is built.

We support our customers, our products, our people, and our property: and, since the business is growing nicely, we seem to be doing it well.

Well, for a start, we will recruit you (or not – let’s see if we’re compatible) and look after your needs in HR, a key bit of business support. Our specialist teams include Talent Acquisition, People Operations, Reward, Internal Communications and of course our very own UN peace keepers HR Business Partners. Interested in some real work which will support the world’s best bookmaking business? Read on… 

We’ve been busy. Paddy Power has grown rapidly since 2010, and HR has been crucial in growing our group headcount to over 5,500 people globally whilst being responsible for looking after every aspect of our existing workforce. Whether it’s payslips, health forms or sorting out the annual Paddy Power Ryder Cup, the HR team get it done. We also hand out the bar tokens for staff parties – so it’s wise to keep us on side.

Within HR there are plenty of places to express your talents. Teams look after organisational development, reward, people operations, and business partnering. We also have an award-winning Talent Acquisition Team. 

Our Finance team have a terrific life – not only do they get to provide accurate, timely and relevant financial information to internal and external stakeholders about an extremely healthy business, they also bring joy into the lives of their colleagues by making sure Paddy Power employees get paid.

The Finance team has been growing and changing with the business, and with this growth has come opportunities: perhaps this is yours. If you are enthusiastic, motivated, have a “can do” attitude and a customer service ethos then please apply – a good head for numbers also helps…

You could find yourself working in commercial finance, financial accounting and reporting, financial planning, taxation, projects, or the provision of decision support to a business which is leading its industry and going places fast.

Bricks, mortar, furniture, services, fruit and coffee… taking care of what really matters in this world is what keeps our Property team busy.

They are responsible for our network of betting shops and all our office locations; they ensure that all those corporate types have an office to go to in the morning, a desk to sit at and a place to park; and they take care of office supplies, equipment, maintenance and cleaning. Oh, and they make sure that head office has plenty of free coffee for those late nights of ‘hard work’.

If you are enthusiastic, motivated, and keen to work with the important things in life, then our Property team could be for you. 

Ahh, bookmaking… there are a lot of laws. And that means there is a lot of complex, vital, challenging legal work to do on top of the corporate lawyering that is required in any fast-growing, frontier-crossing business like Paddy Power. Our Legal team works to minimise risk and advises the business on complex legal issues as well as trying to keep our infamous mischief team out of too much trouble! They also oversee intellectual property and resolve any litigation matters, whilst working on a whole range of other corporate governance issues. 

If you want to make friends and influence people… or, on second thoughts, probably just influence people…then Internal Audit in Paddy Power could be for you…

Internal Audit is a key part of the Paddy Power risk and governance structure, providing assurance that risk is appropriately managed and that there is a systematic approach to managing controls. Sounds sexy, eh? Well, on top of that, we also add value by identifying ‘efficiency opportunities’...

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know how important, challenging, and demanding the work of Internal Audit is in an industry like ours. We’re on the look-out for enthusiastic, motivated people who are up to one of the business’s most difficult and vital tasks: treading the tricky line of creating a rapport with the colleagues we audit while maintaining professional independence and impartiality. 

You’ve probably heard of Paddy Power’s online and retail businesses – we mention them every now and then – but you may not know that Paddy Power has another face, one that, believe it or not, we don’t shout about that much. This extra dimension is our corporate development and business-to-business (B2B) activities: things like our partnership with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), or our long term sports betting partnership in France with Europe’s largest betting company PMU. We also operate Airton Risk Management, a division of Paddy Power plc which provides customers with cover related to the outcome of major sporting events. These activities are an important part of our overall business strategy and our ambitions for growth – in other words, a good place to work.

Whether its politicians, regulators, the media, or the wider community - in fact…anyone we think needs to hear about Paddy Power – the corporate affairs team is responsible for engaging with them. So if you’re interested in working in corporate responsibility, public affairs or corporate communications for the world’s best bookmaking business then get in touch

Let there be light to guide the way….The Insights function focusses on truly understanding the attitudes & motivations that underpin consumer behaviours in order to generate penetrating discoveries about our customers that can inform & shape strategy.
We also interweave this with competitor, market and macro-environmental intelligence in order to create rich, multi-dimensional, customer-centric & commercially sound strategic direction to the business, across all channels and products. Ever wanted to help shape and influence key business strategy by using data…this just could be the place for you?